Why Red Button?

Doesn’t require a land line

Works at home and away from home

Simple to set-up (10 minutes) and works immediately

Only Red Button has true simultaneous calling (not sequential). Much faster!

Only Red Button provides instant conference call with Triple Zero

Greatly reduces false calls to Triple Zero

Encourages people to act sooner

Maximises reaching help with just one call

No need for a separate device

Cost effective at just $9.90 per month

No contract. Cancel anytime.

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Consult with friends and family fast in a difficult situation

Red Button calls your friendlies listed in your Red Button account all at exactly the same time so you don’t have to think who you should call. The person who answers your call fastest is connected to you. They are then able to advise you, render assistance, or if needed they can quickly add Triple Zero into the conversation. Other people in the call group are sent a text message letting them know who called and who answered. When the person who answered ends the call, they receive a text message they can reply to that informs the remainder of the call group what took place. Red Button is a fast, effective communication system.


Why people call friends and relatives first

In clear cut emergencies you should call Triple Zero; however, not all emergencies are clear cut; people aren’t sure so they tend to call a friend or relative to consult. Worse, some people are reluctant to call Triple Zero being worried about being a nuisance should it be a false alarm and other illogical thinking that often occurs in emergencies. Red Button puts a person in trouble in contact with a friend or relative fast so they can either provide assistance or if needed contact Triple Zero. Adding Triple Zero during the conversation is as simple as pressing the zero key once. No need to place anybody on hold. You remain talking to the person who answered all the time. This unique and very powerful feature is only available through the Red Button system.


Use your existing phone or the EasyCall

Use your existing phone (works by recognising your phone number – you can try it now), or buy the EasyCall mobile phone. It’s a fully featured big button phone that is surprisingly small and compact. The quick access switch on the back is simply programmed to call Red Button; our system does the rest. Find out more about the EasyCall here. Don’t know where to buy? Give us a call on 1300 968 841 (please note: Red Button and Telstra have no association. Please see the disclaimer below).



Choose your own phone plan

Red Button works with any phone on any network. If you need a new plan, choose one from Telstra. When you buy the EasyCall phone you have the opportunity to purchase a plan that suits your needs (please note: Red Button and Telstra have no association. Please see the disclaimer below.) You don’t have to use Telstra, if you don’t want to change phones you can start using your existing phone straight away. Start by setting-up a Red Button account.

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Set-up your Red Button account

To take advantage of the full features of the Red Button system you will need to set-up an account. This takes about 5 minutes and your account works immediately. You can start with a FREE account to test the system. Enter your account details, the phone number of the CALLING phone, and then the list of people to be called (CALL GROUP).

Click here for account set-up…

Bring your own phone

Red Button works with any phone (it works by simply recognizing your phone number) – you don’t have to use the Telstra EasyCall. Simply set-up a speed dial on your fixed line or mobile phone or use the Red Button App on your iPhone, Android or Windows phone. Click here to find out more.


There is no association between Red Button and Telstra

Please note that Red Button Technologies Pty Ltd and Telstra have no formal association. We simply recommend the Telstra EasyCall 3 phone for use with the Red Button system because we have tested the EasyCall phone on multiple occasions and found it to be highly satisfactory and because it has the Quick Access switch feature which provides the fastest and most reliable method of initiating a call to the Red Button System. Also, you should take into account that Telstra has the largest mobile phone coverage in Australia particularly in rural areas.  

The perfect emergency solution for rural workers

Farm safety and accidents are an important issue and farms are places where you often find isolated workers. The Red Button personal alarm system is the perfect emergency alert solution suited to the rural lifestyle. Red Button can be configured to call a number of people on your property, adjacent properties and anybody else nearby so that in the event of an emergency you can quickly raise the alarm and summon help. Red Button will work on any mobile phone including satellite phones. 

Personal alarm for people who can’t speak English

Although Triple Zero has translator facilities, it takes time for them to arrange and many non-English speaking people first try to call a friend or relative when they are in trouble rather than Triple Zero. Red Button quickly puts you in contact with a friend or relative and Triple Zero.  Your friend or relative can immediately translate for you and provide valuable information to emergency services such as your location, medical condition and more.


Works at home and outside the home

Doesn’t need a landline

Fast simple and low cost



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