For Occupational Therapists

Since the introduction of the Red Button Personal Emergency Alarm system some three years ago, Occupational Therapists have referred many new users to the system.

Feedback from Occupational Therapists has identified the following advantages...

  • Low cost (at just $9.90 per month)

  • Ease of use

  • Many people are cancelling their Landlines (to reduce living expenses) in favor of mobile phones and Red Button is one of the few emergency alert systems that works on a mobile phone

  • Red Button works in the home and outside the home

  • The value of the Assisted Call with Emergency Services

The last point is particularly interesting...

Assisted call with emergency services

The Red Button system operates by making contact simultaneously with up to nine friends or relatives.

Simultaneous calling allows a person calling for assistance to locate the most available friend or relative (only calling one person, there is a high risk their phone might be engaged or switched off).

The first person to answer is connected; the rest receive a courtesy message.

During the conversation, the person who answered can instantly add Triple Zero to the conversation.

The value of the three-way call (or conference call) with Triple Zero is...

The system allows the friend or relative to act as an interpreter

Often people with difficulty speaking (speech impairment) can be understood by friends or family but not by people unfamiliar to them. The Red Button system allows the friend or relative to communicate their problem to the emergency services operator and to coordinate a response.

This is also of value for people who have limited English language skills.

Help guide emergency services to the person’s location

People in an emergency situation are often confused or upset and have impaired communication. Red Button allows the friend or relative to clearly convey information to emergency services about their immediate problem, medical history and how to access their location.


Why wouldn’t the person just call Triple Zero?

This is a common question that we get asked, “why Red Button? Wouldn’t a person in trouble just call Emergency Services direct?” Our response is as follows...

  • 1. If it is a clear cut emergency and the person is fully capable then yes, they should just call Triple Zero.

  • 2. However, research into emergency situations has shown that often people’s first instinct is to call a friend or relative.

  • 3. Medical emergencies are often not clear cut. People are reluctant to call for an ambulance until they have unequivocal symptoms – often by then it’s too late. Red Button encourages people to act sooner by consulting with a friend or relative.

  • 4. Some people make inappropriate decisions in an emergency, for example worrying about “who will look after my dog if I get taken away in an ambulance?” Red Button encourages people to make contact with someone who can reassure them and at the same time be informed of their dilemma and make a more appropriate decision.

  • 5. For people with speech problems or English language difficulties, Red Button is the perfect solution.

Working with Occupational Therapists

Red Button values Occupational Therapists for their capability to provide suggestions for how we can improve our system for the benefit of the community.

Red Button offers the following ways we can work together…

  • 1. Account set-up: We encourage you to refer your clients to us if your professional judgement is that Red Button is appropriate for their needs and is one of the alternatives that they should consider. Our customer service team can provide further information to assist them to make a decision and, if needed, guide them through the set-up process. We understand that you provide impartial advice and do not favor any individual commercial provider.

  • 2. Hard copy and soft copy brochure: Please contact us if you would like us to send to you printed flyers to supply your customers. Alternatively a soft copy can be downloaded here.

  • 3. Set-up a free account: If you would like to try Red Button for yourself we invite you to set-up a free account. Just go to the sign-up page and help yourself.

  • 4. Send us feedback or suggestions: we value your feedback and suggestions. Please email us anytime with your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or requests.

  • 5. Engage with us on social media: Red Button has Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter accounts – please see the links below.

  • 6. Join our mailing list: We have an exclusive monthly Newsletter for Occupational Therapists and similar Health Professionals. Please join by providing your details below. You can unsubscribe at any time and your email details will be kept confidential.

Red Button would like to thank Occupational Therapists for your support and information that has assisted us to develop our service, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Please contact me anytime if you would like further information…

Justin Wearne
Chief Executive Officer
Red Button Technologies Pty Ltd

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